Best laugh in the projects

The biggest and most satisfying laugh I got in the projects. You know when you are flat broke dumpster diving is never out of the question. You have guests that are weird and strangers visit. So this big fat guy sat on my bent wood rocker and ripped out the woven seat so I threw it away. I was very disappointed as that chair was a gift, just before my first son was born.

A few days later I find this awesome papasan chair of rattan needing a bit of cleaning and painting. I already had a giant, round pillow and brought the thing to my front porch. I loved that thing and brought the pillow in when it was going to rain.

I sat outside on the porch as one is wont to do in the projects. I had no phone so this was the way to interact with the world. This lady walks by and notes the papasan chair, “Where’d ya get that chair?” I told her I found it in the dumpster. I was a great find and I absolutely loved it. She laughed and told me it had been her chair. I laughed too. “That’s cool. There’s some good stuff  in the dumpsters,” I say.

“Sure is,” she says. Then she tells me that she also found a fantastic chair in the dumpster. I’m like wait. “Was it a bentwood rocker with a torn seat?” “Yes.” My eyes are tearing up. I began to laugh. She said she loved that chair and it would work with a little fixing. “Did you see it too?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “That was my chair!!!”  We both rolled laughing until we had tears in our eyes.  High fives all around for dumpster diving and connections.

Author: touchingyourinnerpeace

First, I am an artist. I work with fiber, embroidery, felting, beads, jewelry. I try to bring joy to the world with color and line. My work involves a convoluted line that intrigues and baffles. My jewelry is simple and classic. Second, I suffer with bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia and degenerative disk disease. My life has been a series of unfortunate events which led me to a place of inner peace. I wish to share my experiences and my hope and find that you may touch your inner peace.

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