Quora question: Can morphine help emotional pain?

Someone really asked this.

Yes, it can but is a bad solution for emotional pain. A terrible solution for emotional pain. People die from morphine, heroine overdoses every day. Like 99 a day in the United States.

Morphine, heroine, will make you feel better but you will quickly become addicted using those as a solution to emotional pain.

A person with emotional pain needs to find out the source of that pain. I am bipolar so for me my emotions were intertwined with a chemical imbalance in my brain. So the healing was two-part. First was a medication prescribed by a psychiatrist, then therapy with a psychologist. What happens with bipolar, a chemical imbalance in the brain makes your emotions unreliable. You might feel sad when everything is going right, overwhelmed and anxious in simple situations, or happy in dangerous situations. Your mind, or mine did, works to make sense of the disconsonent emotions and finds “reasons” for them. For example, anxiety: people are staring at me; sadness: my best friend really cut me down; happiness: this drug makes me feel better. Your mind will try to make sense of emotions (caused by chemical imbalance in the brain) by tacking on plausible explanations.

A person truly, really needs to find the source of emotional pain. Healing can take months or years, but once identified the process is worth all the efforts. When a person uses drugs to “fix” emotional pain, the source of the pain is buried deeper and deeper, and like any physical infection, it festers and creates more pain. Eventually emotional pain will become so intense that it will surface in other ways, unrelated to the original cause.

Do not ever fix emotional pain with morphine or other morphine based substance. You will end up addicted and perhaps dead before the emotional pain is better.

Author: touchingyourinnerpeace

First, I am an artist. I work with fiber, embroidery, felting, beads, jewelry. I try to bring joy to the world with color and line. My work involves a convoluted line that intrigues and baffles. My jewelry is simple and classic. Second, I suffer with bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia and degenerative disk disease. My life has been a series of unfortunate events which led me to a place of inner peace. I wish to share my experiences and my hope and find that you may touch your inner peace.

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